Why Nonprofits

When I had started up The Honest Accountant, LLC, I was in your typical accounting job. I was working 40-50-hour weeks as a senior accountant for a medium sized company with solid pay and benefits, sounds pretty good, right? Well on the surface, yes, but it wasn’t very fulfilling on a deeper level. I didn’t feel like I was making the difference I wanted to be making, so I dove into my own company.

I was encouraged to select a niche market, one to become an expert in. At first, I chose to dive into the golf course and country club world. I did this primarily because I grew up in golf and still enjoy playing the game, so why not? I quickly learned that I struggled to really connect with individuals in leadership positions in that industry, so I started to look elsewhere.

One day, as I was picking up my daughter from one of their programs, I connected with the owner of a nonprofit who provides day and respite services to families with children with disabilities. Somehow it came up that she was needing some help managing her accounting and I raised my hand and said that I’d love to be able to help. A few days and one phone call later, we started working together.

On that phone call, she had mentioned that she struggled for quite a while to get a CPA to take her seriously and give her the time of day, so she was so glad that I was available and willing to help. That got me thinking, what if I pivot my practice towards nonprofits? There seems to be a need there, so why not? So, at that moment, I turned my practice towards serving the needs of the nonprofit community and providing them with top-notch CPA services.

While most CPAs would turn away nonprofit clients, I say welcome. Let me ease the burden of taxes and accounting for your organization and free you to focus those energies on pursuing your passion instead!

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